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The House in the Garden

KME Tecu Classic
Standing Seam
0.6 and 0.7mm thick KME Tecu "Classic" Natural Copper to a new build residence in Notting Hill. The client wanted to showcase the best in design and innovation with the contrast between traditional Copper skills and cutting-edge design. The curved design of the roof was to allow sunlight to reach the entirety of the house, while only utilising the one roof. The client opted for the KME Tecu Classic because they wanted to see the roof's appearance change over time, from the original orange 'new' colour to a chocolate brown in the first 6 months. Then after 30-40 years into the Green patina.

The Yurts

KME Tecu Classic
Walmer yard forms a discreet and private set of four interlocking houses, the building was designed by world-renowned architect Peter Salter and is his first residential development. Roles Broderick were chosen to develop and install the Copper clad yurts to the building. The cladding comprises a natural copper formed in diamond shingle tiles made on site to fit the complex geometric shape of the Yurts. Traditional long strip techniques were used for the roof elements and separated from the tile cladding by a bespoke eaves details that delineated the roof from the wall. The project required a close interaction between the Roles Broderick team and the architect to achieve the bespoke pattern and lines that were required. The roofing package also included bespoke Copper rainwater goods and Terne Coated Stainless Steel capping details. We are proud to have been shortlisted for the European Copper in Architecture Awards 2017. This project is one of eight projects, the only shortlisted one from the UK. Please visit this site for more information on the European Copper in Architecture Awards 2017. We are also proud to announce, we are one of the winners of the RIBA London Awards 2017. For more information please visit this site. If you require more information on this project, please visit this site.

Hastings Pier

VMZinc Natural
Standing Seam
The regeneration of the historic Victorian pier that was destroyed by fire in 2010. RBR's role in this project was the installation of VMZinc Natural to the two domed roofs and the curved link roof. The entire pier was rebuilt to the original Eugenius Birch design of 1869 with the addition of a modern visitors' center with VMZinc Pigmento Blue interlocking panel. Traditional hand working techniques were used throughout the project with the Zinc laid over a softwood open timber boarded substrate. The Roles Broderick team are also proud to have been a finalist in the National Roofing awards 2017 for this project. We are proud to announce that, the Hastings Pier project has WON the RIBA Stirling Award 2017. Please click here for more information on this award. If you require more information on this project, please visit this site.

Exeter College Cohen Quad

Rimex Champagne & Bronze
The construction of a prestigious new college building with teaching and student accommodation maintaining the original listed Victorian facade. The building was designed by Alison Brooks Architects to have a stark contrast between the old and contemporary new curved Stainless Steel building. The roof construction was developed in close conjunction with Roles Broderick to facilitate a curved shingle rainscreen cladding with the waterproofing layer below. The entire roof build-up from secondary steel supports to the finished Rimex Paladin Stainless Steel shingles was installed by the Roles Broderick team. The buildup consisted of: profiled steel structural deck, two layers of Foamglas insulation with hot bitumen layer, perforated Aluminium acoustic decking and Champagne and Bronze contrasting diamond shingles. Our total roofing envelope package also included anodized Aluminium dormer window cladding in an interlocking panel system with green and felt flat roof areas. Roles Broderick are proud to be the Winners in the National Roofing Federation award in the “Hard Metal Roofing” category 2017 for this project. If you require more information on this project

Abbeywood Station

VMZinc Quartz PLUS
Standing Seam
Cassette Panels
Interlocking Panels
RBR are delighted to announce, the Crossrail project ‘Abbeywood Station’ is nearing completion, this has been a technically demanding project with the added constraints of being an operational railway station. The RBR installation teams have worked throughout the project to the exacting standards of Network Rail. They have produced a high-quality finish in the VMZinc Quartz products. Giving the station a new an innovative aesthetic that has not been seen before on a UK mainline station. NVQ ‘Hard Metal’ Apprentices ​ At Roles Broderick, we understand that the skills and experience required can only be developed through a long-term development strategy in our staff. Roles Broderick aim to enrol a minimum of two new apprentices each year. We currently lead our industry in the recruitment and training of new apprentices. This has been evidenced by winning the 2015 Surrey Heath Business Award “Developing Talent”. The surrounding images are of our NVQ ‘Hard Metal’ apprentice work. Abbey Wood Station project. VMZinc pre-weathered Quartz Zinc. Please see visit this site for more information on this project.

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