Exeter College Cohen Quad - Oxford university

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Exeter College Cohen Quad - Oxford university

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Rimex Champagne & Bronze Stainless Steel Shinges




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The construction of a prestigious new college building with teaching and student accommodation maintaining the original listed Victorian facade. The building was designed by Alison Brooks Architects to have a stark contrast between the old and contemporary new curved Stainless Steel building. The roof construction was developed in close conjunction with Roles Broderick to facilitate a curved shingle rainscreen cladding with the waterproofing layer below. The entire roof build-up from secondary steel supports to the finished Rimex Paladin Stainless Steel shingles was installed by the Roles Broderick team. The buildup consisted of: profiled steel structural deck, two layers of Foamglas insulation with hot bitumen layer, perforated Aluminium acoustic decking and Champagne and Bronze contrasting diamond shingles. Our total roofing envelope package also included anodized Aluminium dormer window cladding in an interlocking panel system with green and felt flat roof areas. Roles Broderick are proud to be the Winners in the National Roofing Federation award in the “Hard Metal Roofing” category 2017 for this project. If you require more information on this project